Australian Bicycle Parking Standards and Guides

As avid cyclists ourselves, Cora Bike Rack understands the type of bike parking facilities that work best for different applications. With Council DA conditions and Green Star requirements now requiring compliant bicycle parking facilities, Cora Bike Rack can provide professional advice to guide you through the new guidelines and standards to ensure your project is a success.

The following information may assist determine the optimal number and type of bicycle parking facilities required to provide a cycle friendly project. The links below are external links and Cora Bike Rack makes no guarantee to the validity or currency of their content.

Australian Standards

The Australian Standard AS 2890.3 – 1993 Parking Facilities Part 3: Bicycle Parking specifies bicycle parking types and other requirements such as location, protection, distances and signage. The standard is available for purchase here


The Austroads publication AP‐11.14/99 Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice Part 14: Bicycles contains national guidelines for designing bicycle facilities. For offices, the guide recommends 1 space per 200 square meters of floor space. The guide is available for purchase here

All Cora Bike Rack Commercial products comply with AS2890.3 and Austroads Part 14 guidelines.

GREEN STAR and Bike Parking

Green Star is a sustainability rating tool for commercial buildings created by the Green Building Council of Australia.

The Green Building Council assesses projects from office developments to schools based on Innovation, Management, Indoor Environment Quality, Energy, Transport, Water, Materials, Land Use and Ecology as well as emissions produced. Bicycle parking falls under the Transport category.

Green Star rating tools use six stars to measure performance. Buildings are rated from 4 stars and above (projects assessed as under a 4 star rating are not eligible for rating). A 4 star rating is 'Best Practice', a 5 star rating is 'Australian Excellence' and a 6 star rating is 'World Leadership'.

The GBC rating tool currently offers up to 3 points 'to encourage and recognise developments that facilitate the use of bicycles by occupants and visitors'. 1 point is awarded for each of the following:

  1. Secure bike storage for 5% of building staff based on one person per 15m2 of the net leasable area
  2. Accessible showers based on one per 10 bicycle spaces provided
  3. An additional point is awarded where the requirements for either one or two points have been met; and visitor bicycle parking is provided and meets the criteria of one space per 750m2 NLA or part thereof, that is provided in an accessible location.

These broad categories are described in more detail in the technical manual for those seeking to earn the three points. For example the technical manual says that 'Railings, lamp posts and other non-purposeful bike parking facilities do not comply' with the rating for visitor parking.

For more information see Green Building Council here

All Cora Bike Rack Commercial Products can be used towards earning Green Star Points.


Cora Bike Rack products have been assessed and verified by EcoSpecifier as compliant with Global Green Building Rating Schemes.
see here

The use of EcoProducts in building and manufacturing that have positive environmental qualities is one contribution to eliminating or reducing environmental impacts as well as minimising the human health effects of toxic and hazardous substances. The primary objective of significantly increasing the use of EcoProducts is to move towards a more sustainable way of fabricating, building and manufacturing the physical world.

Importantly there is growing evidence, case studies and commercial projects that clearly demonstrate the commercial value of specifying EcoProducts. In other words, the use of EcoProducts provides not only socio‐environmental benefits but also direct and indirect business benefits.

The use of EcoProducts in the construction and manufacturing industries has numerous benefits and can lead to a range of diverse and productive outcomes. Specifying EcoProducts such as Cora Bike Racks and Lockers can help:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Human Health
  • Commercial Advantages and Competitiveness
  • Corporate Foresight and Professional Responsibiity
  • Emerging Policies, Regulations and Standards
  • Customer and Client Demand

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Australian State Planning Provisions

Australian Capital Territory
Bicycle parking Guidelines PDF here

New South Wales
Planning Guidelines for Walking and Cycling (pp. 44-50 Bicycle Parking) here

Northern Territory
Cycle Connect – End of Trip Facilities here

Bicycle Facility Design Guidelines PDF here

South Australia
Cycle Friendly Workplace here

Hobart City Council – Parking Standards Review PDF (pg. 138) here

Planning Provision Clause 52.34 – Bicycle Facilities here

Western Australia
Hobart City Council – Parking Standards Review PDF (pg. 138) here

Sydney City Council
City of Sydney Planning Controls here